CELT’N KA intends to be a creative and artistic laboratory, evolving around the notion of intermixing traditions, and revolve around foux axes :


Creation of a live show
The show will be a common original creation, which will arise from a sharing between two teams situated on two territories, speaking two different languages, and defending two traditions. During the first steps of the live show creation, artistic residences are planned to ensure rehearsals and performances involving the whole artistic team. They will permit to achieve the research and data collection work, separately done by French and Irish artists. The artistic direction is led by François Collombon, whose creation work is based on four axis which are common to the two cultures : singing, drums, danse, tale.

Photo exhibitions
After CRAIC IN CLAIRE et MOUN A GWOKA, Marie-Charlotte Loreille is starting a new photo project which consists in following CELT’ N KA project creation. Portraits and photo-reportage, from rehearsals to live shows, she will immortalise the project’s evolution in the shape of an exhibition, which will be offered separately, or with others actions as such as live shows or conferences. CRAIC IN CLARE and MOUN A GWOKA projects could also be included in CELT’N KA, in order to present each culture one at a time.

• Discovery and awarness actions, workshops (for the general public)
In addition to residencies planned for the creation of the live show Celt’n Ka, meetings between the artistic team, music schools and universities in France and Ireland will allow additional stages of research, creation and discovery. The idea is simple: to enable the experience of Gwoka in its different forms in exchange for some time to work with teachers and students of traditional Irish music around Celt’n Ka’s creations. Outside of the creative work, courses can also be offered in both Gwoka and Irish Music, both in music and dance.

Conferences and talks about traditionnal cultures

The aim is to inform and educate a wider audience as possible, without any age limit, on different territories, starting with mainland France, Guadeloupe and Ireland to cultures and traditions both here and further afield, by creating an intermixing which would lead to « a new identity consciousness where human belonging should prevail over the sum of affiliation » (E. Plenel).

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